For Reservations or Take Out Call Us at (814) 359-2082

Restaurant & Bottleshop Hours

Closed Sunday & Monday

Bottle shop Tues - Sat 3-8

Restaurant Tues - Sat  3-8 takout

4-8 dine-in


Announcement:  We are once again open to serve you.  We will be operating Tuesday - Saturday 3-8pm for takeout and 4-8 for dine-in.  

A letter from Justin Leiter, owner.

"It's been an absolutely amazing run.
It's incredible to think I started this journey 10 years ago. There's been more joy and success than I could ever have imagined. The memories, friends and experiences that were created along the way will never be forgotten.
Just like all good stories though, they come to an end and I feel it's time to move on.
I want to thank the patrons that have supported us along the way especially in the last couple of years throughout the unexpected changes in the world which we are still dealing with today. You are a part of our success and your continuous support means a lot. It's been our joy to see everyone week in and week out.
My biggest thank you goes to the employees I've had along the way. I was truly blessed to have had such an awesome staff the last 10 years. The success of the Red Horse did not happen without the support, hard work and passion from each and every one of you. It's been a pleasure to know you, I'll never be able to thank you enough for your time.
Moving forward, our plan is to continue operating through April, to use up gift cards, enjoy delicious meals together and to make any last memories!
Thank you all SO much and I hope to see you on the next journey!"
- Justin Leiter
Owner/Head Chef, Red Horse Tavern